Public Relations is an Integral Factor in Search Engine Optimization

As more businesses focus their dollars and energy on their SEO and online presence, the value of public relations for business has started to shift. It used to be that PR was synonymous with stories in the newspapers or appearances on television or radio. Only those who read the paper, or saw the story on […]

Marketing to Millennials

Co-located Strategic Marketing Conference & IMPACT Awards Ceremony

As a marketing agency that has the privilege of working directly with healthcare systems, community hospitals, healthcare consultants, and physician educators and advisors, we have a broad perspective on the challenges frequently encountered in healthcare marketing. Next month, our President, Karolyn Raphael, has the privilege of […]

Are You Ready for Prime Time? How to Deliver Powerful on Camera Interviews

Giving a press interview (broadcast, radio, or internet based) can be quite daunting if you don’t have experience. Interviews can be stressful because you are potentially talking to millions of people and that kind of reach can make or break your business. The added pressure of being on camera or on air multiplies the stress. […]

Integrated Marketing Builds Your Brand

While the global business climate has grown closer together, the communication landscape has exploded into a sea of possibilities. Like the seafarers of old, those companies who want to intelligently navigate this vast sea, can position their brand in the forefront. Every business, from legal to technology to travel has to expertly navigate the torrent of social […]

Do You Need a PR Coach?

Your business has a marketing department but you know that most of their marketing tactics are not being maximized. In fact, your fairly certain that your 20-something staffers don’t read the newspaper at all. You might be grateful for their capacity to manage your social media channels but frustration can come easily when you evaluate […]

Strategies for B2B Marketing and Public Relations: Case Studies

Marketing is a cornerstone of any successful business strategy. In B2B Marketing one of the most effective approaches to take is to use a case study as an example. A case study allows you to identify an issue, demonstrate how the issue was addressed, and highlight the end results. This works well in […]

8 Tips for B2B Online Marketing

Marketing your businesses to other businesses isn’t rocket science, but it does take time and effort. Not only do you have to increase the exposure of your brand, you also have to build a strong reputation in order to gain the trust of the companies with whom you want to work. Fortunately, there are plenty […]

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Revolutionary Public Relations Strategies

There is a revolution happening in public relations. The Internet and social media provide alternatives to traditional broadcast and print media channels. People find out about stories that interest them from posts on social media and websites. So if you are trying to do PR the old fashioned way by just getting the attention of […]

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Winger Marketing Continues to Grow

We have wonderful news – we just bought K Squared Communications!! In this move we also brought on former K Squared team members Kate Koziol and Maeve McNaughton onto the Winger Team. The acquisition brings the additional verticals of travel, technology and entrepreneurial markets to our areas of expertise. Check out the […]

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