shutterstock_198455333Our marketing insights are derived from real client experiences, continuing education of our staff and verified research. Winger Marketing has been in business for nearly 30 years and has worked with businesses in health care, real estate, the arts, events and non-profit organizations. From national brands to ambitious entrepreneurs, our marketing insights and PR consulting have brought value, profits and even awards to more than 100 clients. We don’t believe that circumstances will dictate your success. To grow your business and expand your reach, make your own circumstances. Create your own position in the market. Promote your expertise and leverage it.

Our mission as a marketing company is to share your story. This is after all a “sharing economy” and a point in time when sharing content and information brings credibility to you and your business. It used to be easy to simply buy time or print media and then wait for the phone to ring. Those days are over. If you haven’t looked at your Google Analytics, enhanced your keyword phrases or shared content on Facebook this week, you’re probably wondering if your phone is ever going to ring. If that is the case. it’s time to take action. Let us help you share your story.

Public Relations is an Integral Factor in Search Engine Optimization

As more businesses focus their dollars and energy on their SEO and online presence, the value of public relations for business has started to shift. It used to be that PR was synonymous with stories in the newspapers or appearances on television or radio. Only those who read the paper, or saw the story on live […]


PR 101: Growing your Business with Public Relations

Do you ever wonder why your competitors are being featured in the news when you know that you’re more of an expert on the topic than they are? Stop wondering and start taking action! Join the experts at Winger Marketing for a 90-minute, small group workshop on utilizing public relations to give your business a […]


The Power of the Press Conference: Timing, Preparation, and Best Practices

“Press conference” is one of the most common marketing and media terms that those outside the industry are familiar with. And for good reason, it is a powerful tool for generating awareness about an event or organization. Because they sound rather glamorous, it can be tempting to hold a press conference for announcements that seem […]


Marketing Budget Conundrum: How to Prioritize Your Marketing Budget for 2018

Setting budgets for your business can be one of those important to-do’s that stays at the top of your list for a long time before it gets tackled. Small businesses, especially ones where employees wear multiple hats, are often the last ones to take a deep dive into examining budgets and setting goals for the […]