Our marketing insights are derived from real client experiences, continuing education of our staff and verified research. Winger Marketing has been in business for nearly 30 years and has worked with businesses in health care, real estate, the arts, events and non-profit organizations. From national brands to ambitious entrepreneurs, our marketing insights and PR consulting have brought value, profits and even awards to more than 100 clients. We don’t believe that circumstances will dictate your success. To grow your business and expand your reach, make your own circumstances. Create your own position in the market. Promote your expertise and leverage it.

Our mission as a marketing company is to share your story. This is after all a “sharing economy” and a point in time when sharing content and information brings credibility to you and your business. It used to be easy to simply buy time or print media and then wait for the phone to ring. Those days are over. If you haven’t looked at your Google Analytics, enhanced your keyword phrases or shared content on Facebook this week, you’re probably wondering if your phone is ever going to ring. If that is the case. it’s time to take action. Let us help you share your story.

5 Questions to Ask Before Writing a Press Release

Everything that happens with your business doesn’t deserve a spotlight. But, of course, some news does warrant a press release. Before writing and distributing a press (also called news or media) release, ask the following: Is my news actually newsworthy? Is your information interesting, topical, notable and/or significant? Simply put, who cares? What would interest […]


How to Maximize Your Marketing Goals With Email Marketing

With countless digital marketing tactics at your constant disposal, it can be hard to navigate the best ways to reach and expand your market. Although some say it’s on a downward spiral, email marketing continuously outperforms other marketing methods. By maintaining higher acquisition and retention rates, as well as having the ability to personalize messages […]

Karolyn Raphael Conducts Media Training Workshop

“Get Over It” is Not an Ideal Interview Response – Are you Ready for Prime Time?

Media Training – Get Ready for Prime Time! The media spotlight can be a pretty scary place for even the most professionally trained spokesperson, let alone an introverted entrepreneur who has never done a media interview. “What will I say if I’m asked a question that I don’t know how to answer?” “Have I dressed […]


Media Training Workshop

SummaryService Type Media Training Workshop Provider Name Winger Marketing, 180 W. Washington, suite 700,Chicago,IL-60602, Telephone No.312-494-0422 Area Chicago DescriptionHost a Media Workshop for your marketing department. The perfect lunch and learn for your team or register for one of our upcoming workshops at the Winger Marketing office in Chicago's Loop.

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