While the global business climate has grown closer together, the communication landscape has exploded into a sea of possibilities. Like the seafarers of old, those companies who want to intelligently navigate this vast sea, can position their brand in the forefront. Every business, from legal to technology to travel has to expertly navigate the torrent of social media and instant access to build a community based on the multi-channel brand experience. Technology has changed marketing and thus marketing has to change to communicate with the consumer in such a way that the brand and the community come together as a whole. This change, is Integrated Marketing.

Key Rules of Integrated Marketing

The keys to this marketing approach is consistency, cooperation, communication and finally, community. The first rule of consistency is the all aspects of your company attributes combined. From customer service interaction to brand message, all have to be consistent in both form and function. Cooperation is following up, establishing best practices and department interaction to perform seamlessly. Communication facilitates all of the above but also has to apply to the consumer experience in order to create the last precept of community. Loyal consumers are the key element in creating a long lasting brand.

Executing Successful Integrated Marketing Communication Programs

As alluded to above, communication is the foundation of Integrating Marketing. All companies, small, mid-market or large, have to be able to communicate the right message to the right audience, while still aligning with the overall brand message. In this age of transparency, content is not siloed and must be cohesive, but not necessarily identical, across all platforms.   Effective IMC, or Integrated Marketing Communication, is more than just a social media post or conference speech, it is how the symphony of messages across all platforms and all audiences comes together to support your brand’s message and image. Which is why consistency is critical, so that message is in tune with what your company wishes to present.

Embracing the Change

The change in marketing approaches does more than just build your brand. Integrated Marketing and Communication combined gives your company the ability to drive your marketing resources to a targeted effect. This in real terms, has the potential to produce the desired result while reducing marketing costs, because the message is consistent and is focused on the channels for communication that are effective. This can be critical for small businesses such as law firms and tech companies that might not have the marketing resources as larger corporations. Integrated Marketing and Integrated Communication is maximizing the impact of the resources you have and applying them to deliver the best outcome for your brand.

By taking advantage of the opportunities presented by Integrated Marketing and Marketing Communication, your company has the potential to rise to a level of success that could not be achieved with traditional marketing techniques. Integrated marketing and communication is the means in which your company navigates the treacherous ocean of customer choice and is able to harbor in a community and consumer experience built around your brand.