Your business has a marketing department but you know that most of their marketing tactics are not being maximized. In fact, your fairly certain that your 20-something staffers don’t read the newspaper at all. You might be grateful for their capacity to manage your social media channels but frustration can come easily when you evaluate the amount of time and energy spent on developing content only to have it live hidden away on your website and only seen when you pour dollars into boosting posts.

For businesses with internal resources and talent, the solution very often comes down to training.  When your marketing team has a coach, focus and accountability live center stage. A PR coach can help your marketing department:

  • Develop the skills to think like a PR strategist
  • Guide them to identify potential media angles
  • Map out how to best promote content
  • Explain how to leverage amplification tools for your marketing efforts.

Once your team understands the strategy and can identify the tactics that you should be using, increasing your return on investment in your team is a natural outcome.

Not every business needs to have a PR firm or marketing agency on an annual retainer. Very often, businesses simply need coaching and guidance to get the most out of their marketing staff. With media options spanning the realm of traditional print to text messaging, it can be difficult to hone in on a strategy that addresses the media habits of your customers without blowing through your budget by the end of the first quarter. Today, while public relations is still one of the most important ways to build credibility and proves to be one of the most cost-effective, you need to diversify your efforts. Call Winger Marketing at 312-494-0422 to learn more about our PR Coaching program and how to get more value from your employees.