“What I found most valuable was being able to put a value to PR. Being able to show different folks what PR is and that it’s worth something. Karolyn taught me that it’s actually worth three times as much as an ad because it’s an outside publication citing you as a source. I thought the training was excellent and it really opened my eyes to PR and seeing where our firm could take it to the next level.”

– Christine McCarty, Communications Director, Ziegler

What did PR training teach you about internal communications in public relations?
“How important internal communication is to our entire PR plan but more or less looking at stories both internally and externally in different directions, not just as a whole piece. A lot of time it’s about taking different nuggets out of one piece and creating 10 different press releases and things like that. Looking at the different angles than you would normally think a piece would be.”

– Leslie, Chicago based company