Leverage Social Media to Create Engagement

How long can you concentrate on something before becoming distracted? Some adult attention spans have been minimized to the time it takes to read a 140-character post. According to a survey from Microsoft Corp., in today’s digitized world, the average adult’s attention span is about eight seconds. Statistical data from the Pew Research Center shows that 65% of the American population use social media at any given point in their life. With this boost in digital access and social media usage, it is important to learn how to enhance your online presence and brand yourselves or the business in a fun and exciting way.

Align and Engage with Your Audience

Part of marketing relies on knowing what your target audience wants, as well as knowing the best way to give it to them, while also benefiting your business. When using social media tactics as a marketing tool, keep in mind that posting updates specific to your organization is fine and to be expected, but you don’t want that to be the bulk of your content. Switch it up and be interesting. Respond to both positive and negative feedback, share updates, and use call to action to generate conversation and increase engagement on your profiles.

Aligning the brand with what your audience will find interesting is necessary. People like things short, sweet, and simple. Craft your message using that model.

Find YOUR Voice on Social Media

When crafting your social media voice, determine what tone will resonate best with your audience. This will vary greatly depending on the industry targeted, but be fresh in creating your content. It’s easy to sound generic. Defeat this by maintaining a refreshing voice that complements the dialogue of the industry. Informing your audience of what’s going on within your company and around the country/world is one way to do this. Be advised that all social networks are not created equal. Each platform has its own signature style, so you must optimize the message for each mode.

Stay Relevant and Consistent!

When marketing through social media it is crucial to stay relevant and consistent. Respond to headlining news to stay current and establish an important connection with your audience.

People are more likely to interact with content that they see on a regular basis. 10 posts a day is fine for “X”, but on other social media platforms it can get overwhelming for your viewers very quickly. Posting a minimum of once or twice a week is a good start. Stay relatable by posting things that are happening right now that are worth informing your consumer base.

What’s next?
When you use social media as an engaging and useful tool in an informed and educated manner, your business has a chance to shine above the rest. If your company is in need of improvement in this or any other segment in marketing or public relations Winger Marketing can help.