With the world of marketing constantly evolving, it can be difficult to know where to invest your time and money.  Is it just jumping from one new fad to the next? First it was keyword density. Then it was link building. Will content marketing also soon be a distant memory?

The one aspect that makes content marketing different and practically guarantees its staying power is that it focuses on generating high quality content that is both informative and entertaining. It doesn’t rely on a gimmick. There is nothing even slightly backhanded about it. In fact, the concept is brilliant in its simplicity: create engaging content that readers will find useful. Not only does this increase the number of visitors to your website, it also helps you establish yourself as a trusted resource.

Content marketing is so solidly based on common sense that it can almost be too straightforward to seem true. At this point, you may be asking yourself several questions:

  • So I shouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars a month on digital and print ads?
  • Are you saying that social media is actually a useful marketing tool and not just a way to find old high school friends?
  • What in the heck do you mean by content?

To answer some of your questions: your repertoire of marketing tools should go well beyond what is considered traditional advertising. While there is value in purchasing advertising space, this method doesn’t really effectively target your audience and establish a relationship. It is more of a one way street.

When you produce a great blog article about a topic your potential and existing customers will find important or an engaging infographic full of facts, you are providing your audience with something of value. It shows that you are passionate about the topic and willing to provide a valuable contribution to the conversation.

Once you have created a great piece of content, the next challenge is to make sure that readers actually come into contact with your article/blog/video/infographic. When it comes to marketing tools, there is no better way to share content than with social media. Different social media platforms may be a better fit for your products than others. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are great for more visual products, but don’t limit yourself.

Content can truly come in any form, including multimedia. The main point is to stay away from fluff pieces that have no real value and are just serving as clickbait. Instead of focusing on PPC campaigns, investing more resources into creating quality content can yield lasting results. You won’t see a huge spike in visits and sales overnight, but you will build a loyal readership. Ultimately, this is the key to improving search engine rankings and increasing online visibility. For all these reasons, content marketing not a trend, but a new industry standard.

Still have questions? Call Kate at Winger Marketing to get answers to your specific questions.  We promise to deliver rock-solid content.