Marketing is an odd beast. When it comes to your business’s marketing plan, it’s very easy to get caught up in the bottom line. Numbers are a key part of any industry, and a marketing plan’s success can be measured by its ROI as it relates to customer response and market penetration.

Public Relations is one aspect of marketing that can be difficult to pin down because it’s not always apparent. At its core public relations is your company’s reputation. A good reputation is worth its weight in gold and a bad one can be like a lead weight for your organization. This is one of the top reasons your company should work with a public relations professional. Developing and protecting a positive perception in the marketplace often brings more than can immediately be measured.

Here are just some of the ways that working with a PR firm can help your business:

PR Is Efficient

Modern public relations is highly efficient. For example by submitting a well written press release to the proper communication channels, you can easily reach your key market segment. By simply reaching out to your customer base you increase awareness, inform them, and increase the odds of them doing business with you. Commercials and advertising are slowly losing effectiveness in the modern business world. Through PR, you directly inform the customer of who you are and what you do.

Credibility is King

You can’t buy a good reputation, but you can earn one! PR helps a great deal in improving your reputation and, by extension, your company’s credibility. Many people tend ignore advertisements and often consider them transparent and lacking in any meaningful content. By comparison, an interview in the local newspaper where you lay out current industry news, or our company’s advancement or growth, is seen as credible. This not only expands your awareness among the public, but it can also paint you as an industry expert.

Stay On Point

One of the best aspects of good PR is that the message put out is one that you can control. By approaching the media with company information, employee profiles, interesting facts, or simply a well written statement, you can help shape the public’s perception of you and/or your business. Aside from controlling the message, you can also control the channel it goes through. By going through such avenues as specialty websites, electronic periodicals, radio stations, or print media you can reach various segments of your target market.

Digital Lasts Longer Than Paper

An advantage in modern public relations is that most publications, and even some television shows, have electronic archives available online. That means any PR you put out has longer staying power then in the old days of print only. This allows positive PR to reach customers for months or even years after the fact.


As is apparent, public relations is highly important. By focusing on your company’s niche and target market you can easily share a message that allows you to position yourself and your company as knowledgeable industry leaders. By working with a public relations professional, you can assure that your messages are on point, are delivered effectively, and reach those who need to hear it.