Many companies believe that they can do their business marketing in-house, especially if the majority of their marketing is going to be done online. However, online marketing requires much more thought and effort than simply creating a website and setting up a social media account. Because of this, you may want to consider obtaining professional marketing help. The following are 10 signs that you could use professional marketing assistance:

  1. You’re not using analytics – The data you obtain over the course of your online marketing campaigns can be incredibly powerful as long as you know how to gather it and how to analyze it in order to actually improve your marketing.
  2. You’re unfamiliar with basic language of analytics – If you don’t know what bounce rate, click through, impressions and call-to-actions are, or you think those terms don’t apply to your business, then there’s no way you’re going to know how to analyze your website’s performance even if you tried.
  3. Content and email marketing are overwhelming – If even the thought of regularly generating high quality content for your blog, social media pages and email newsletters overwhelms you, then you need a professional to handle it for you.
  4. Your website traffic isn’t translating to sales – If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your website but your sales don’t reflect this, then you need help improving your conversion funnel in order to capture more leads.
  5. It’s difficult to find your website – If people are having a hard time finding your website, it means that your brand name needs more recognition.
  6. You think you know better than your customers – Customers have a real voice with the advent of social media, which gives you a chance to learn from potential buyers directly.
  7. You’re too focused on getting new customers – Getting new customers is obviously good, but you can’t forget about continually nurturing the relationship with regular and existing customers.
  8. You think the majority of email is spam – Email marketing is an incredibly effective tool for nurturing your leads and has to be taken seriously. If you think of the majority of business emails being spam and tend to mark a lot of email newsletters you receive as spam without even thinking about it, then there’s a good chance that your email marketing is a neglected strategy and one that may even be spam-like.
  9. You assume you know your customers – Customers needs and wants change regularly, which means customer surveys should be done regularly in order to better understand your audience.
  10. You don’t know how to engage followers – You understand that having a big follower base on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is a good thing, but you have no idea how you’re supposed to engage them.

If any of these 10 signs apply to you, you should strongly consider outsourcing your business marketing to a professional. For information about our business marketing services, be sure to contact us at Winger Marketing today.