What really goes on behind the scenes at a public relations & marketing agency? The outcome of PR agencies’ work is everywhere – press releases, bylined articles, interviews, news segments, industry recognition, and product placements – but every agency operates differently to get results. Here’s a peek at five weekly activities that Winger Marketing performs to help clients elevate their brands and raise their industry profiles.


We’re a hands-on, full-service agency that acts as an extension of our clients’ businesses. Most of our clients work with us on an ongoing basis, so we get to know their organizations inside and out. We have standing meetings every week and separate one-off meetings as needed to dig deeper into an upcoming project or industry topic. In-depth knowledge of a company’s staff members, business goals, brand voice, competitive differentiators, and industry challenges allows us to work efficiently on their behalf and proactively identify opportunities to help them meet their goals.


Finding places for our clients to shine is one of our fundamental responsibilities. One of our team members monitors multiple sources for press opportunities daily. She reviews journalist requests for experts in different topics and notifies the account team when there’s something relevant to our clients. We’ll assess it from there, ensure it’s a good fit, and then reach out to our clients for a response. For longer-term opportunities, we have rolling lists of publication calendars, industry journal timelines and writer guidelines, awards schedules, and more. Every week, we create pitches, outline articles, and/or submit award applications on our clients’ behalf.


Raising our clients’ visibility is an essential part of PR, and protecting their visibility is equally important. Our clients are busy running their companies, and it’s our role to help assess PR-related requests that come across their desks. For example, publication byline offers, magazine cover opportunities, or industry awards can seem like great opportunities on the surface, but we’ll help evaluate whether or not they’re a fit for our client’s brand, budget, and timeline. The goal is to make sure that all PR is strategic and thoughtful.


We provide high-level services like brand development and thought leadership strategies, and we also roll-up our sleeves and produce. At any given time, we have staff designing clients’ marketing materials, writing content, following up with journalists, providing client reporting and metrics, and reviewing pitches. Strategy by itself doesn’t deliver results, and tactics without a strategy can be inconsistent and ineffective. We make sure all of our tactical work is contributing to a bigger whole.


While we help our clients establish authority and market share in their own industries, we simultaneously stay deeply involved in the PR and marketing industry so we’re always on top of trends, changes, and new opportunities. We participate in industry conferences and panels, train other companies on effective PR strategies, and play an active role in American Marketing Association of Chicago as a board member and sponsor.

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