samsung-simbandI love working in marketing and PR. I especially love that so many of our clients are in health care. It’s an area of life that I’m not only passionate about, It actually excites me to learn more about medicine, health and our every changing health care system. It makes a lot of the marketing work we do very meaningful. Contributing to the education of the public or impacting the quality of people’s health through sharing content and information is work you can feel really good about.

Earlier this week, I came across a video called “What if Your Body Had a Voice?” I thought. Well, it actually does have a voice, so I’m wondering what this is all about. Its fascinating technology – SIMBAND – its taking the idea of a Fit Band to an entirely new level. Samsung has created an amazing tool that can read and monitor all kinds of information regarding your health and body. But the marketing message is so far off base, that I had to laugh. We have a voice! We just can’t hear it because there is so much media and stimulation coming at us all the time. We all know how to listen to our bodies. Unfortunately, its become a lost are as we have become so conditioned to listen to marketing messages and media influencers.

Don’t get me wrong. This is cool stuff, and the video is beautifully done. It just illustrated to me that marketers and especially those in health care have a responsibility to look out for the best interest of people and patients. We need to listen to what people need and then educate them on the benefits. Marketer heal thyself.