B2B Marketing for Health Care


Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, an executive compensation consulting firm in the health care world, wanted to extend the reach of its research – comprehensive annual surveys of hundreds of hospitals and health care systems on compensation trends. The firm was in the throes of a rapid growth plan. They needed marketing support and media attention that could catapult their reputation onto a national stage.

Taking an integrated marketing approach, we mobilized our relationship with the nation’s largest weekly healthcare trade magazine, Modern Healthcare, a division of Crain’s. Through carefully-crafted news releases, we negotiated the annual pick-up of SullivanCotter’s survey results in the publication, contributing to a cover story every year since. After three years, we parlayed a strategic marketing buy with the magazine into an educational webinar, a first for SullivanCotter and the magazine. The webinar was moderated by Modern Healthcare’s highly-respected publisher and attended by nearly one hundred key executives.

When Sullivan, Cotter and Associates came to us, they were conducting business by word of mouth and had established three office locations. In year two of our relationship, this regionalized business expanded from Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta to eight more offices nationwide. Today, the firm is recognized by both clients and the media as one of the most prestigious and reliable compensation consulting firms. Their annual surveys continue to be highlighted in both industry and national media each year with pick-ups in the thousands. Winger Marketing received regular calls from the media about their results. Our support of the firm has expanded beyond public relations to include a drastic re-branding, association sponsorships and unique educational programs.

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