As you develop your digital marketing campaign, you seek out the best marketing tactics to grow your business through the power of the web. For this, content marketing has emerged as one of the best tactics to market a business online. However, your business faces unique challenges, so you may be wondering what is content marketing going to do to help your business grow. Let’s take a look at three important ways that it will help your company, no matter its size or industry:

  1. Generating more website traffic

Your company’s website exists because you want people to visit it. Content marketing will help you generate more website traffic in two ways:

First, high quality content plays a key role in increasing your SEO results. Search engines will analyze your content to determine its overall quality and relevance to a search. The better these are, the higher you will rank. Quality content also provides you with additional opportunities to earn links to your website, with are also important factors for your search engine rank.

Second, content marketing allows you to funnel leads directly to your company’s main website. For example, your content should include links that connect people to your company’s website (when it is relevant).

  1. Building relationships with sales leads

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. So what is content marketing going to do for enhancing the customer experience? The experience that a customer receives will be affected by the relationship that they have with your company. The content that you deliver will become the foundation of the relationship that you build with a customer. For example, a series of helpful content will reinforce the fact that you are a foremost expert in your industry; when someone feels as though they are working with an expert, they will feel more comfortable with what the company offers to fulfill the customer’s needs.

  1. Becoming a local standout

If you are a local business, then your ability to build a connection with the community is invaluable. The stronger this connection, the more likely it is the people will visit you, and not your competition, when they need the products or services that you offer. A good content marketing campaign will have a local focus. For example, it will include blog posts that discuss issues specifically faced by people in  the local area, and content that discusses local events. Content like this will make your business feel like it is a part of the local community.

In addition, local content marketing will also help your company’s website rank higher in local Google searches. This is due to the fact that for local searches, search engines consider local references and local mentions of your business — which your local content will earn you.

You cannot overlook the value that content marketing brings

Instead of asking “what is content marketing going to do for my business?” you should be considering “how I can use content marketing for my business?”