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Custom Marketing Workshops and Custom Media Training for Your Team


Investing in your team is a must if your business is going to grow in today’s competitive market. Winger Marketing has developed dozens of custom workshops for businesses to help them grow, think and perform like leaders in their industry.


Have you ever spent thousands of dollars on exhibiting and attending a trade show only to wonder if it was worth it? The time out of the office? The preparation, travel and lodging? Was your return on investment even close? Trade shows are a necessary evil of the business world. We’ve helped dozens of organizations prepare for trade shows through networking and sales training as well as creating a process for leveraging contacts before, during and after the trade show. If you plan on attending even one trade show this year, contact us so we can help your team generate a much higher return on investment.


Is your marketing team and budget stretched thin? Do you have talented people managing your advertising, email marketing, website and association relationships? Do they know how to maximize all of those efforts and not spend one more dime? We do. Winger Marketing has trained dozens of marketing teams and individuals to think strategically and increase effectiveness of marketing activities. Public Relations or PR can be difficult to box into a category today. Everything from social media to blogs, podcasts and media interviews can be labeled “PR.” Our PR Boot Camp gives teams and even individuals custom training and coaching for your business. We evaluate what your current efforts entail and quickly identify ways to maximize those dollars and time investment. We work with the team to “listen” for PR opportunities and then map out a plan for taking action when the time comes. This custom program is an effective way to invest in your team and see real results that impact your bottom line positively.

Custom Marketing Training and Media Training
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Custom Marketing Training and Media Training
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Karolyn Raphael, President of Winger Marketing recently taught a sold-out course on Media Training for the Women's Business Development Center in Chicago. The training was hosted by People's Gas and allowed 30 business owners to participate in a 2.5-hour session. This custom marketing workshop on preparing for media interviews included practical tips for interviews, key message development, branding tips and live training sessions for a number of attendees.