Online Marketing

According to McKinsey and Company data, over 82 percent of all product research begins with a web search, making communication with customers and prospects a critical part of your marketing strategy. The buyer’s journey has changed and now they’re doing more research before they call you. Your website is an important part of your brand and customer experience.

Social Media

Our expertise in social media strategy and development allows us to create an unparalleled online presence for your company. We cultivate the conversation for your campaign and listen to the response noting what works and what doesn’t. This constructive insight allows us to customize each distinct client’s situation so you will see results. With pioneering promotional programs to make sure your business is seen, heard and employed, our team understands how to leverage social media to amplify and engage with your clients and target audience.

Driving Traffic

We develop internet and social media strategies that drive traffic to your site and help convert prospects to customers. Our team will also assist with all online aspects including ghost-writing a weekly blog,  implementing improved SEO tactics,  and developing mobile applications.

Delivering Value

To be successful in today’s marketing environment, businesses must be able to cater to the consumer’s desires and needs. Winger will help you identify clusters within your target audience to create a more personalized experience for your consumer that will leave them wanting more. The value of our integrated marketing techniques is that we produce a quantity of quality results.