The Integrated Marketing Action Plan™ is a proprietary system that we have developed through our 30 years in business.

Strategic Marketing

Winger will evaluate your position in the marketplace then develop a strategy to set you apart based on competitive research and models of success. We understand that in today’s market, direct mail as a stand-alone isn’t going to make the phone ring. Are you and your company maximizing your marketing opportunities? Currently, marketing is no longer a one-way street. It’s important to turn your marketing message from a monologue into a conversation. Today, your audience is talking back and it’s time to pay attention.

Integrated Marketing Action Plan™ (iMAP)

With all of the disparate marketing systems, a business must master to be successful, measuring success is sometimes difficult. Without alignment, it’s next to impossible to get a holistic view of how marketing campaigns are performing—by themselves, and in comparison with other campaigns. Through a marketing analysis of your business, we align your marketing needs with your business goals and create an integrated marketing action plan to illustrate where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

Consumers are bombarded by marketers—so how can you cut through the clutter and stand out? Our team takes an integrated approach to strategically target your audience. Our method of systematically applying your business goals to inform an integrated marketing strategy is not only logical, it works. We make recommendations for an annual integrated marketing plan by using industry best practices and competitor research. Once a strategy is agreed upon, we map a timeline of tactics across that calendar year. Each marketing activity pursued must have a purpose and support one of the business goals. We track the outcomes of tactics over time and can adjust or pivot when needed. Our nimble team doesn’t waste time developing spreadsheet after spreadsheet. We determine what needs to be done and then we do it.

Market Research Analysis

Do you and your company understand your competition? Do you know if your current marketing efforts are effective? Let us help you make informed and strategic decisions around your marketing. We’ve developed advantageous strategies to elevate your communication to the level you desire. Let us survey your target audience to deliver the answers you are looking for.

Make Informed Decisions

Our research capabilities include surveys, qualitative and quantitative research interviews, online discussion groups, competitive analyses and other proven techniques. We present your results in clear, succinct charts and graphs allowing you to easily plan for the future.