Public Relations Programs that Deliver Results!

With more than 30 years in the business of Public Relations, Winger Marketing has grown and adapted to changes in media, business, and even budgets. Developing relationships with the media, industry influencers and your customers takes time. Effective PR programs are typically long-term and evolve as the needs of your business change. Winger Marketing has a proven track record of securing media coverage, managing successful press conferences and generating results that equal a media buy or advertising dollar value of about half a million dollars for each event we promote.

Legitimate Third-Party Endorsements

Public Relations for your business, events, and non-profit is an impactful and cost-effective strategy for meeting your business goals. Do you want to gain greater awareness and exposure through stories online, on television, radio and in the news? Engage with more customers and establish yourself as an expert and thought leader in your industry? Do you want to drive traffic to your event or fundraiser? Our team at Winger Marketing has the Public Relations expertise to develop a strategic communications plan, increase exposure and awareness in your key audiences and help you gain legitimate third-party endorsements along with earned media coverage.

Communications and Exposure

In addition, we also work with your team to develop cost-effective community relation programs and social media strategies. Never underestimate the Public Relations value of live communications. Between our connections and your business’ exposure, PR success will come in a portfolio of options.

Power Your Media Relations

Securing third-party endorsements from national and local news organizations through editorial content or “earned media” generates credibility for your business. Public Relations has been the bread and butter of Winger Marketing’s business since 1984. Media Relations is also one of the most proven and cost-effective ways to market in this consumer-savvy environment. Audiences are three times more likely to take action because of something they read in a magazine than because of an ad they saw in the same publication. The best part about public relations driven “earned media” or editorial content is that you don’t pay for it!

Targeting Your Audience

From creating news that tells your story, to managing a public relations crisis, our extensive media relationships across the country help secure the stories you want to see in the media. Whether it is a print story in a daily newspaper, extensive blog hits, radio interviews or a T.V. segment, our outreach will target your desired audience. Our team will not only pitch your story ideas to the media; we will be on-site with the news team when they arrive to help maximize your coverage and make sure they get the message right! Our team will manage the reporters, coordinate interviews, order news clips, and prepare you to talk to the media with confidence.

We Create Media Events

Creating news is part of our job. Our team will develop ideas to drive traffic to your location. Hosting events is a fantastic way to engage and get noticed by your audience. From finance and healthcare to real estate, art and antiques, there is always an opportunity to ignite a new conversation with your audience. Whether it is a cooking demonstration or an educational lecture, Winger Marketing has a long history of effectively promoting special events. We work closely with you and your organization to synthesize the best event solutions.