Media Training – Get Ready for Prime Time!

The media spotlight can be a pretty scary place for even the most professionally trained spokesperson, let alone an introverted entrepreneur who has never done a media interview.

“What will I say if I’m asked a question that I don’t know how to answer?”

“Have I dressed appropriately?”

“How can I make sure that I present my company in the best light?”

These are just some of the questions that surface as you begin to prepare for an interview. The answers you provide to a reporter may be available for dozens, hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of people to watch, listen, or read.

Winger Marketing’s President, Karolyn Raphael, recently held a Media Coaching and Training Workshop for the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) of Chicago. The training covered tools and tactics for individuals who are tasked with the job of being their company’s media spokesperson. Preparing for interviews with reporters, such as how to manage face-to-face interviews and phone interviews were some of the topics covered in the media training presentation. The sold-out workshop was part of the WBDC’s executive series. Although those in attendance work in a variety of industries, they all shared one common goal- the desire to learn how to effectively represent their businesses both in planned and unplanned media interviews.

During the media training workshop, Karolyn shared her experience and key tips on how to practice, research, and plan for media interviews. She encouraged the room to engage in collaborative conversations while leaving ample opportunity for attendees to ask questions. Before closing, the program allowed time for one entrepreneur in attendance to participate in a mock television interview. This gave the group the opportunity to provide feedback on some of the new skills they learned.

In the initial interview, Karolyn portrayed an overly kind and warm reporter. This established a feeling of comfort with the volunteer, who felt able to speak freely about the good news associated with his business. Immediately after, Karolyn shifted gears to test the volunteer’s interview skills in a hostile situation. She presumed the role of a heavy-hitting reporter whose sole objective was to make the volunteer feel the heat. At the end of each segment, attendees were able to give feedback on what they felt went well, and what needed improvement.

Overall, the training was an extremely valuable experience for those who attended and the Women’s Business Development Center received positive feedback. “Media training is an essential program for any entrepreneur, company spokesperson, executive or CEO,” says Karolyn. “If you haven’t been through a media training program, don’t wait any longer. Prepare now, so that you are ready when an opportunity arises.”

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