Winger Marketing’s Core Values

  • Deliver inspired PR and marketing results that advance your business goals – on time and within budget.
  • Define and promote compelling and cohesive messages that amplify your business.
  • Generate and guide all relevant and measurable communication initiatives from start to finish.
  • Create opportunities for consistent and positive promotion of your company.
  • Continuously challenge ourselves to be educated on cutting edge marketing strategies and tactics that produce results.
  • Operate as a collaborative extension of your business.
  • Create long-term relationships with our clients and the media.

Winger Marketing is not a smoke and mirrors PR firm. The value we bring to our client’s aligns with our agency’s overall core values. Tell the truth, be creative, collaborate with team members, observe and consider data, listen to your gut. Finally, deliver inspired results.

We believe that business is about more than selling widgets, its how you share your gifts, your vision and your story.

We maintain a creative and flexible work environment that empowers all of our employees to do their best work and exceed the expectations of our clients. By providing an opportunity for professionals at various stages of their life and career to work and deliver inspired results, we serve the higher needs of both clients and employees.

Winger Marketing is the smart agency. We are not the biggest agency and we aren’t the slickest. But, what we sell is what you get. Our work product is thoughtful, smart and designed to drive results and empower your business to grow.