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Media Training Workshop

What is media training? Well, when you’ve gone through it, you show up on TV and in interviews like a pro. When you haven’t had the training, this is what you will notice:

  • “Ummmm”
  • “Uhhh”
  • “Absolutely, uhhuh, yes.”
  • Lack of confidence
  • Tongue-tied talk
  • Fast talkers

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Have you ever seen a guest on your local morning news freeze or watch them squirm when they don’t know or don’t want to answer a question? What about print or online media? Maybe you gave an interview and your quote was taken out of context. These kinds of situations can potentially damage your or your business’s reputation. Be prepared. Take a media training workshop.

Winger Marketing’s media training workshop is a two-hour working session where participants get to learn tips for giving great interviews and also experience the feeling of being in the hot seat!

Workshop participants will learn about:

  • Tips for preparing for interviews
  • Compelling key message development
  • Strategies for answering tough questions
  • Dos and don’ts for hair, make-up and dress
  • Strategies for building self-confidence & more!

Each (willing) participant will be interviewed on video in our mock tv studio set. Interviews will be reviewed and discussed with the group to learn about what went well and where the participant can improve.

Media training is an essential program for any entrepreneur, executive or CEO. If you haven’t been through a media training program, now is the time to prepare. Call our team at 312-494-0422 to find out how Winger Marketing can present a custom media training workshop for your executives.

Workshops for small groups or individual executive coaching sessions are available for bookings at our downtown Chicago office as well.

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Media Training for entrepreneurs is an essential part of growing your business. Improve your confidence, learn interview and messaging tips and handle media interviews like a pro. Media training workshops are held at our Chicago office or at your business location. Private trainings can also be requested.

About the Author:

With nearly twenty years of media and communications experience, Karolyn Raphael has taken clients from near-obscurity to recognition on a national level. Her work in strategy, media placements, PR training and community outreach includes leading business to business consulting firms, nationally-ranked healthcare systems, national trade associations, local art shows and non-profits. She’s created city-wide awareness campaigns and landed stand-out media placements in local and national news outlets. Karolyn joined the firm in 1997 as an associate and was named President in 2006. She is an advocate of work-life blend and trains team members to think like entrepreneurs.

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