Market Research for Small Business

Business owners have a lot of choices to make. When determining where to spend your marketing dollars, you shouldn’t guess. We have experience working with both B2B and B2C businesses on market research. Our team of professionals conducts both qualitative and quantitative market research to illuminate direction for clients.

When companies take the time to understand their audience and market their services based on what solutions their clients are searching for, they generate a better return on investment. Don’t be confused by all the marketing options. Let us help you create a strategic research-based plan that delivers results.

Our Market Research Process

  • First, we define your business goals.
  • Then we interview your internal stake holders to learn how they think, feel and interact with clients and customers.
  • What are the pain points they have as an employee and brand ambassador?
  • After an analysis of the internal business landscape, we develop a questionnaire with your team. This is used to interview customers and potentials to identify the root of their decision making process.
  • Why do they choose you or not choose you?
  • What solutions do you provide that your competitors don’t.
  • What needs do they have that are going unmet?

After preliminary qualitative research is performed, analyzed and shared; we make recommendations regarding quantitative research and any further research needed to facilitate the creation of the right marketing program for your business.

Having a solid understanding of your customer’s pain points and the best way to communicate with them can shave thousands of dollars from your marketing budget. It can also ensure that your marketing efforts are the right efforts. You wouldn’t buy shoes, just because they look good; they also have to fit.