Coach Your Internal Marketing Department or Non-Profit Staff to Use Public Relations Effectively

A PR and Marketing Boot Camp or a PR Coach might be just what your marketing and communications team needs to create more impact with their current marketing plan. Does your internal marketing team need public relations training or a refresher on the latest public relations industry trends? Teach your team how to leverage PR strategies and tactics and amplify your marketing initiatives.

Public Relations Training

Our Public Relations and Marketing Boot Camp or Coaching program is customized to your team’s needs and can address everything from PR101 and pitching the media to crisis management, social media and e-mail marketing. Contact us about creating a custom program for your business and your team.

Our two-day Public Relations Boot Camp is ideal for businesses and marketing departments that are tasked with creating a larger marketing impact than their current marketing budget allows. The beautiful thing about PR is that it is “earned” and not “paid” exposure.  Helping staff to understand the opportunities that exist through the use of effective public relations and marketing tactics increases their ability to perform and leverage tools and ideas the team may already have in place. Our two-day PR Boot Camp can be tailored for your industry and customized to address real business challenges and concerns you are currently facing.

Request a custom PR Boot Camp proposal for your team.

Another group that strongly benefits from this two-day intensive public relations & marketing course is non-profits. Many organizations are dealing with shrinking budgets and staff  while at the same time, they really need to be promoting their work and their fundraising efforts in order to remain viable. For many charities, hiring a PR agency to have on retainer is not in the budget. That’s why we developed a Non-Profit PR & Marketing Boot Camp training program to directly address the needs of organizations faced with fundraising, working on shoe-string budgets and with limited staff. By teaching your team how to focus in on PR opportunities that will produce impact and results, rather than chasing ideas and doing busy work, non-profits immediately feel the impact of the PR and marketing training.

Practicing effective public relations could have three times the impact of a traditional advertising campaign. Our training program is customized to meet your department’s needs and encourages discussion of PR problems your company is facing now! It helps participants manage their organization’s expectations, get better quality publicity and hone their PR skills. Seminars may have up to 10 participants from your organization.

Your Marketing Team Will Learn How To:

  • Think like a PR strategist
  • Create key messages
  • Create powerful news releases and media pitches to generate awareness
  • Promote your product without being “promotional”
  • Get bloggers to review and talk about your product or service
  • Use news-making tricks of the trade such as surveys and celebrities
  • Maximize the hidden power of wire services
  • Target digital and print media and win their support and get positive exposure
  • Use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube to support your organization’s goals
  • Understand the rules of crisis PR
  • Write e-mail subject lines that don’t get caught in the spam filter
  • Establish your CEO and senior managers as industry thought leaders
  • Discuss existing PR challenges your company is facing

To schedule a custom PR & Marketing Boot Camp training for your marketing team or non-profit organization, call 312.494.0422 and ask for Karolyn Raphael.

Client Testimonials

What was the most valuable information you took away from PR training?

“What I found most valuable was being able to put a value to PR. Being able to show different folks what PR is and that it’s worth something. Karolyn taught me that it’s actually worth three times as much as an ad because it’s an outside publication citing you as a source. I thought the training was excellent and it really opened my eyes to PR and seeing where our firm could take it to the next level.”

– Christine McCarty, Communications Director, Ziegler

What did PR training teach you about internal communications in public relations?
“How important internal communication is to our entire PR plan but more or less looking at stories both internally and externally in different directions, not just as a whole piece. A lot of time it’s about taking different nuggets out of one piece and creating 10 different press releases and things like that. Looking at the different angles than you would normally think a piece would be.”

– Leslie, Chicago based company