Advertising Campaigns That Deliver Results

Advertising is an important part of any marketing campaign. You need smart advice about targeting the right consumer or business prospect to create a lasting and memorable impact. Our team not only creates campaigns that generate exposure, but also delivers tangible results. From B2B print ads to Facebook banners and pay-per-click campaigns, we guide you through producing the best content for your industry.

Maximizing Your Dollars

Our experience in negotiating webinars, community partnerships, media sponsorships and experiential marketing will maximize your advertising impact within your budget.

Traditional Placement

Contrary to popular hearsay, the print industry is alive and well. We’ve discovered using traditional media in conjunction with digital efforts is the most valuable way to meet any range of marketing objectives. Maintaining brand awareness through print media ensures your message won’t be lost in the raging sea of digital stimuli. Using our perfected combination method of reinforcement, we enhance your media to build exponential impact.

Digital Placement

The new frontier of digital advertising can be difficult to navigate on your own. With the wide range of channels already available to send your message, it’s important to select the most effective option. Our strong social media skills, pay-per-click campaign expertise, and knowledge of the online markets contribute to the meaningful buzz and exposure. We are constantly monitoring the most successful mediums and emerging platforms to know what’s new, what’s next, and what’s effective so you’re never left behind.

Maximizing ROI of Advertising Dollars

Media planning and buying are a blend of art and  science. Winger Marketing prides itself on our creative and goal oriented approach to integrated media plans. We couple this approach with a results comparison that includes data on the average frequency, frequency distributions and reach for any on-market media placements and third party reporting. We leverage hard data in conjunction with our important media relationships to plan and buy advertising programs at a proven frequency level and terrific value. Another benefit to our clients is our ability to generate a visual representation of the combined impact of a multimedia campaign on a target audience.

Knowing Your Audience

Even the best advertisements are useless in the wrong hands. Through our successful work with clients across diverse industries, we’ve forged meaningful relationships with the media to put your message where it needs to be seen. By creating a cohesive message to broadcast across a myriad of networks, we can ensure you are getting the best investment. We make knowledgeable recommendations based on our industry insights and your unique marketing message to produce a highly optimized media mix.